About Scott Rambo

Scott's business began when his wife, Janet, had to get a crystal bowl engraved for a gift. At that time, there was an artist in the area that completed the service. Scott and Janet met the artist, who then conducted a seminar on how to engrave the bowls. Ultimately, it was Janet who encouraged Scott to take classes on engraving and engraving. 

Scott's desire to pursue a career involving art took a backseat during his stint in the U.S. Navy. He was married in 1967 and started a family. Life took him in a completely different direction and he ended up in the computer industry.

After years as a successful professional in the computer industry, Scott finally found time to go back to art. Sometime in the late 1980s, he got into photography. He took a special interest in wedding photography and did it part-time. 

In 2008, Scott finally found the medium that best suited him when he was introduced to the medium of custom hand engraving using a high-speed dental drill. He stated, "It allows me to express my artistic talent on many different surfaces." 

By 2009, Scott was recognized by Ken Brown as a certified engraver. Slowly but surely, he established his reputation as an exemplary engraver.

Later on, Scott found yet another way to express his artistic talent when he started to carve decorative ostrich eggs. These creations boast of intricate and elaborate designs that Scott painstakingly cares by hand. All the designs that are carved into the ostrich eggs are original concepts of Scott. Each of them is genuinely one of a kind.