Scott Rambo, a Dallas, TX area fine artist specializes in ostrich egg art, custom hand engraving and digital wedding photography.

My many hours of design, layout, carving, sanding, and polishing results in a unique piece of sculpted Fine Art. One of a kind, done by hand, never to be exactly duplicated. 

In the following pages there are examples of simple to elaborate sculpted designs.


I expanded my art in 2009 and became a 'Certified' custom hand engraver who combines my artistic touch with a high-speed carving tool to creat a unique and personalize item. Clients may be seeking engraving for an item that just does not fit into a retail outlet engraving computer or machine holding device. Additionally, this does not allow for artistic expression. My custom hand-engraving can be applied to most hard surfaces.

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I started my photography in the 1980's with a special interest in wedding photography. "Weddings are personable and memorable celebrations. I appreciate and enjoy working with my clients providing them with a collaborative reflection of this very special day."

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